Why Code4Run?

1. Clean and optimized code

Optimizing code is similar to buying a new car. Optimised code executes more rapidlly , which in turn consumes less memory.

2. Illustrative examples with dry run

Keeping the DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle in mind is one of the effective quality of a Software Developer. This also helps in the reuse of same code multiple times.

3. Important Interview Algo's

Several Algorithms are predefined to avoid the critical thinking of a candidate. These are the Algorithms which are not usually found in books . Improvisation can be done on Algorithms for deeper understandings.

4. Tips for Cracking Coding Interview

It’s not the langauge or writing code that will help you to achieve your dream job , but there are certain factors such as Logic buiding , Program Indentation etc.

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