Chewbacca And Numbers Problem

Description :-

Luke Skywalker gave Chewbacca an integer number x. Chewbacca isn’t good at numbers but he loves inverting digits in them. Inverting digit t means replacing it with digit 9 - t.

Help Chewbacca to transform the initial number x to the minimum possible positive number by inverting some (possibly, zero) digits. The decimal representation of the final number shouldn’t start with a zero.


Input Format  :-

The first line contains a single integer x (1 ≤ x ≤ 1018) — the number that Luke Skywalker gave to Chewbacca.


Constraints  :-

x <= 100000000000000000


Output Format  :-

Print the minimum possible positive number that Chewbacca can obtain after inverting some digits. The number shouldn’t contain leading zeroes.


Sample Input  :-



Sample Output  :-



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